Start living healthy

Today I’m going to talk about losing weight in a healthy way.

We all need to see a full plate to feel the visual satisfaction and to be sure that after finishing this amount we will feel full. But some of us also even after eating the full portion are still hungry and will need another meal within a short period of time.

All of this because we rely on the quantity, you have to feel your body and listen to it. Your body gives you a signs when it’s satisfied and when it needs you to stop, when you ignore these signs all the food that you are eating will be stored as fats and also you won’t feel satisfied. So you need from today on to start using smaller plates and give more attention to your food and your body while eating to be able to eat less and also feel satisfied. Also you can eat less by drinking water before every meal, maybe you are thirsty not hungry.

Our bodies can’t differentiate between thirst and hunger, so you have to be sure you are hungry for food not for water.

After making sure you are hungry for food now you can eat and stop feeling guilty, guilt is one of the main reasons your body store fats. Enjoy your life and keep calm just listen to your body.

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Clicksor review

WTF !! today i found one of my sites is giving me warning when i try to access and give me a message that this site might contain a malware !! so i used google diagnostic service and found on it this fuckin message !

Malicious software includes 1 trojan(s), 1 exploit(s).

Malicious software is hosted on 3 domain(s), including

4 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including,

! clicksor is the ads network i subscribed in it to serve ads on this website !! i don’t know how clicksor serve malware but i strongly recommend to not use clicksor ! it gave me a lot of troubles till now btw the way you will not get a great amount of money from it 🙂

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First of all this is review of my first client side application with yeoman :)

First of all this is review of my first client side application with yeoman 🙂

Yeoman is a great tool for creating client side application it’s make it super easy to get your application structure and also manage your deps via bower but i found some problems when using yeoman and require.js it’s my fault so here it’s some tips

  1. yeoman shipped default with jquery 1.9 if you want to use another version just change jquery version in bower.json file to the version u want and type bower install
  2. if you want to add external js lib for require.js you just add this to your require.config path
    and if it’s has a deps add this to shim
    shim: {
    freebase: {
    deps: [‘jquery’],
    exports: ‘jquery’ }

  3. also add freebase to your require statement
    require([‘app’, ‘jquery’,’freebase’, ‘bootstrap’], function (app, $,freebase) 
  4. when u finish ur application and wanna deploy type
    grunt build
    you will find ur build inside dist folder
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ssh login without password, passfreek review

copy your rsa signature in ubuntu for other server

ssh-copy-id -i

while is you sign

and is your target server with your login username

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Hacking bootstrap-datetimepicker to make it compatible with ember.js

today i will be talking a little bit about two wonderful  frameworks
  1. bootstrap
  2. ember.js

Bootstrap it’s amazing opensource framework about for creating your apps design it’s Elegant  Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. now i am currently using it for all my apps it’s well documented and have a list of great components also it’s great to create a responsive application you can check it at .

Ember is a great javascript framework it’s follow MVC pattern it’s still a new player in the community but i love to say it’s rails on the client you can find ember at

one of the greatest plugin for bootstrap that i use it a lot is for

because ember.js is a new player you will find some compatibility issues with other plugins like datetimepicker i mention it above  so i will go fast about how to use it with ember.js

Problem: if you want to use to pass the input field value to the controller for example ember will not get the value of the input field unless you write it manualy in the textfield  the date and time picker plugin will not notify jquery that the input value is changed

Solution: adding this code to datetimepicker set method
if (!this.isInput) {

+ if (this.component){+  var input = this.$element.find(‘input’);+  $(‘#’+input.attr(‘id’)).change();+  }


you will find my fork here

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Rassd Android Application

it’s an android application that is linked to Rassd‘s Facebook page which choose the last 10 updates in Rassd‘s page. It also enables you to write a comment and share the news with your friends. You will also be able to contact Rassd‘s team directly through this application because it enables you to send e-mails to the working team directly from the application.
For download Click here.
OR Scan the Picture below OR if you haven’t android market account Click Here.

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Fast Likes

If you are tired from searching for the like button in some websites and didn’t find it, or other websites already don’t have the like button. I solved your problem by fast likes.

Fast likes help you to like easier, like any websites you want to like without searching for a like button on this page and you can like a page doesn’t have a like button, so like anything you want without restrictions.

fast likes is a Google chrome extension after install it you will find the like button in the tool bar, you can like only by one click and it will go to your profile.
Fast Likes more social more Facebook.
For download: Click here

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