Start living healthy

Today I’m going to talk about losing weight in a healthy way.

We all need to see a full plate to feel the visual satisfaction and to be sure that after finishing this amount we will feel full. But some of us also even after eating the full portion are still hungry and will need another meal within a short period of time.

All of this because we rely on the quantity, you have to feel your body and listen to it. Your body gives you a signs when it’s satisfied and when it needs you to stop, when you ignore these signs all the food that you are eating will be stored as fats and also you won’t feel satisfied. So you need from today on to start using smaller plates and give more attention to your food and your body while eating to be able to eat less and also feel satisfied. Also you can eat less by drinking water before every meal, maybe you are thirsty not hungry.

Our bodies can’t differentiate between thirst and hunger, so you have to be sure you are hungry for food not for water.

After making sure you are hungry for food now you can eat and stop feeling guilty, guilt is one of the main reasons your body store fats. Enjoy your life and keep calm just listen to your body.


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